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I thought I fulfilled my duty - the dungeon cleared, head of the Fallen One delivered to king's court. Clearly I must have overlooked some of evil servants. Moreover, while escaping  they took Slavic gods statues with them, master controlling them, thus becoming powerful foes. Now I'm blamed of evil spreading around the country and forced to sort it out. It's gonna be tough ...

About the game:

- turn based, loot/hack oriented roguelike 

- large, seamless, hand-crafted outer world. Travel it on foot, or using teleports.

- many procedurally generated dungeons to explore

- tons of various loot

- advanced fight system - use melee or projectiles. Experience different effects (bleeding, freezing, stunning), learn to recover from them

- passive and active abilities

- advanced inventory/trade mechanics

- advanced ally mechanics - they: gain experience, level up, can heal self, use equipment exactly as main hero does

- advanced dialog/quest system 

- advanced crafting system - enhance equipment, made better one by merging two items together, craft potions

- customizable controls

- save/load system

- about 5-10 hours of gameplay (depend on your experience)

Notice: This is an late-alpha version of the game. 


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this OuaDII you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Version 40

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Good stuff here. I've been playing every day for the past week so there! I liked part 1 also, and this is a proper expansion. As with any good roguelike, I die all too soon, but it's all about the journey. Good day-

Thx for a feedback, and keep trying beat the game!

I'm quite interested in your game, I was wondering how much content it has currently?


As a supplement to our discussion on reddit I might add that as written in the description it offers 5-10h of a gameplay. You can explore outer world, and dungeons.

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Oops sorry must've missed that part, thx for telling me I'm sold! I love supporting indie devs

looks nice.

So it's programmed in LÖVE would it be possible to build for linux?


Once I reach a stable version I'll prepare also Linux one, with Unity it's simple.

Awesome, because there is stuff that isn't working under wine