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Been dealing with life stuff, now I have time to play games and hey now, a new beta! Thanks mate. I'll put her through the paces the next few days. Have a good holiday if you celebrate it, or just have a good day---

Thank you. I badly need testing these days so please feel free to give me a feedback. Currently celebrating Christmas...

I'm still playing, pretty much every day. Still only getting so far, but the mark of a good roguelike is you keep coming back regardless. Great updates! 

I have just 2 requests, not deal breakers but it would definitely help: 1, change Pickup Nearby Items to a button closer than J.  Or maybe have a change key bindings option for it. I use it a lot, thanks for making it possible to pick up items 2 tiles away.  Feels like Luke on Hoth force grabbing his lightsaber, which I can't complain about.  And 2, could you adjust the color of the inventory number count?(in the upper right hand corner) That shade of red contrasted against the red background is a bit hard to read, at least for my old eyes.

Besides that the game runs and plays butter smooth. One thing I love is how you gave the chests a small random chance to show up outside of the camp walls. Little details like that keep me coming back. Good day-

Thanks for  a feedback. I was just gonna respond you can customize controls, but just checked and that particular one is not customizable! I think I did not added it to the list because I'm gonna remove either G or J. Since J is more advanced I would basically hook the functionality from J under the G and G key is already customizable.

Regarding the font in the hot bar - I will enhance it with the next release (this weekend?). Actually just before the full launch (Q3 this year) I'm planning to change Options screen completely - there will be a lot of things  customizable as each person has bit different needs. But this is a task I'm leaving as last one as core mechanics must be done first.

Keep playing!

I will! Thanks so much for your help/support. You're in my developers hall of fame most definitely. Good day-

Good stuff here. I've been playing every day for the past week so there! I liked part 1 also, and this is a proper expansion. As with any good roguelike, I die all too soon, but it's all about the journey. Good day-

Thx for a feedback, and keep trying beat the game!

I'm quite interested in your game, I was wondering how much content it has currently?


As a supplement to our discussion on reddit I might add that as written in the description it offers 5-10h of a gameplay. You can explore outer world, and dungeons.

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Oops sorry must've missed that part, thx for telling me I'm sold! I love supporting indie devs

looks nice.

So it's programmed in LÖVE would it be possible to build for linux?


Once I reach a stable version I'll prepare also Linux one, with Unity it's simple.

Awesome, because there is stuff that isn't working under wine